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Exhale, everybody: House passes bonding, cash packages

House Capital Investment Chair Alice Hausman, DFL-St. Paul, said that Thursday's 92-40 bonding vote was an "enormous relief." (Staff photo: James Nord)

Lawmakers in the lower chamber passed the infrastructure package – plus $200 million more in supplemental cash appropriations for construction projects – early Friday morning with relatively little debate and strong bipartisan support.

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Leaders leaning toward pre-agreement on bonding

The House and Senate leaders want a pre-agreement on a bonding package this session. (File photo: Peter Bartz-Gallagher)

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt said the DFL and Republican leaders of the two chambers met Wednesday evening to discuss the possibility of coming to a pre-arranged deal on borrowing to fund state infrastructure projects. House Speaker Paul Thissen said on Tuesday that he hoped to reach such a deal, and a Senate DFL spokesman said the upper chamber's leadership would also like to do so.

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The Capitol Note: Senate bonding bill out Monday, $1.2 billion still unlikely

House Speaker Paul Thissen said the bonding bill is the furthest large piece of policy from resolution.

1) The Senate will release the last remaining proposal to fund public infrastructure on Monday, filling in the final set of blanks that will precede a potential end-of-session deal. House and Senate Democrats will be publicly negotiating around an $850 ...

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