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In a vide posted to Youtube on Monday, Jungbauer says past leadership has not done enough for small business owners to get the economy moving again.

[Video] Jungbauer lobbies for Senate majority leader job

Sen. Mike Jungbauer

In the rapidly-developing race to replace Amy Koch as the Senate’s majority leader, GOP Sen. Mike Jungbauer has taken to the web to push his candidacy for the chamber’s top job.

In a video posted to YouTube on Monday, Jungbauer says past leadership has not done enough for small business owners.

“I’m coming to you today on a serious note. We have to pick a new majority leader and tragic events led to that,” Jungbauer said in the video. “I think people like me that are out there in business every day, working everyday jobs, don’t see us trying to fix government in a way that helps them.”

He has also taken to Twitter to spread the word. Amid turmoil on Friday evening over Koch’s resignation and an alleged “inappropriate relationship” with a staffer, Jungbauer tweeted that he would “change the face” of government as majority leader.

“If people truly want to change the face of government today, then lobby to have me elected as the next senate majority leader!” he tweeted.

Jungbauer, a three-term senator from East Bethel, sought the Republican gubernatorial endorsement for the 2010 election, but dropped out early after he had trouble raising money. He currently sits as vice chair of the Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Committee.

Senate GOPers must elect a new majority leader by December 29, or two weeks from Koch’s official letter of resignation. More than a half dozen names are being floated for the post, including Health and Human Services Chair David Hann, Geoff Michel, who is acting as interim majority leader, former Minority Leader Dave Senjem, freshman assistant leader Dave Thompson and Taxes Chair Julianne Ortman.

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